Baja Sunburst Beach Pebbles

Bring the beauty of natural stone to your garden.

Baja Sunburst Beach Pebbles

Full Description

Baja Sunburst Beach pebbles that have been literally baked in the hot tropical sun and burned to a crimson red to orange-brown

These pebbles are hand picked segregated for size and palletized in wire baskets at approx. 1.5 tons each.

Available sizes listed below

Item ID Item Description  UOM   SF/Ton Coverage 
205101 Baja Sunburst 1″ – 2″ Ton  Wire Basket 1 Cu   Yd 
205100 Baja Sunburst 2″ – 3″ Ton  Wire Basket 1 Cu   Yd 
205042 Baja Sunburst 3″ – 5″ Ton  Wire Basket 1 Cu   Yd 
205008 Baja Sunburst 5″ – 8″ Ton  Wire Basket 1 Cu   Yd 




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