About Building Material Market Place

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Building Material Market Place (BMMP) is designed for companies to showcase their products to other manufacturers/retailers/distributors; and meet customers in different parts of the United States and other parts of the world.  BMMP is also a great place for manufacturers/retailers/distributors to liquidate and connect with customers for sales of discontinued items that are either not being manufactured any more or for retailers to liquidate items they no longer wish to stock.  The goal of this site is to serve as a low cost alternative to the high price of the traditional trade shows, marketing programs and auction sites.  Manufacturers/retailers/distributors are free to interact any way they wish and BMMP make no money off the sale or purchase of your product!  What we do is offer a way to meet new contacts, show casing your products or services in a interactive website where you can create your own catalog, advertise your products, run sales, clearance items and source new products.

Benefits of using BMMP

In this day and age, sales and purchasing at the right prices is imperative to being successful in business.  There are many ways of marketing your products as a manufacturer and buying right as a retailers/distributors.  A major way manufacturers promote their products is at trade shows found throughout the United State. Many manufacturers/retailers/distributors are turning to sourcing for new products by using search engines on the Internet.

These are great ways for manufacturers to meet retailers/distributors and retailers/distributors to find new products.  These methods can be very expensive for the manufacturers and retailers to attend and take much time out of key personnel schedules to meet and find those new sources.  Manufacturers/retailers/distributors also try to market on the Internet search engines by paying per click on the side bar of the search page to optimize their placement on the search engines.  This is a very expensive process because most of the people shopping are not their target audience.

With cut backs on marketing budgets and reduced buying dollars being prevalent in the building materials industry, most companies find it challenging to allocate their marketing and sales budgets.  With these changes throughout the building material industry you will find BMMP is an effective low cost alternative to accomplishing these tasks.

When you utilize the BMMP site, all manufacturers/retailers/distributors must be open to resale and each user is required to register to use the site. This process ensures all participants are qualified and assures you know you are reaching the right target audience, while maximizing your marketing and buying dollar.   We are a one-stop shop for introducing your company and it’s products to new customers, as well as new customers easily sourcing your products.

By creating your own interactive catalog, customers can source products on your page as well as find your company and products by using the product sourcing feature on the website. Customers simply post an item in their category and our automated system sends an email blast to all manufacturers/retailers/distributors in their selected category.  Those manufacturers/retailers/distributors can then contact the customer and market their company’s products, services and prices to achieve the sale. Once a customer accepts the manufacturers/retailers/distributors bid they can finish the transaction through their companies normal billing processes.

Why BMMP is Different

Most companies set up a website and describe their company and products.  The website draws traffic to the customer and hope the views from the website produces business, but fails to achieve the desired activity from the site to use it as a true marketing tool.  Companies that have interactive websites have large marketing budgets and have staff to manage the site, thus are more successful in drawing in new business.

This is where BMMP is different!  Our customers are able to setup their own product catalogue, company bio and product sales to draw business.  Customers can change offered products in minutes, run advertising at will (email blast), clearance items, and feature specials.  Customers can also buy advertising space and create national marketing programs to draw new customers and run new product releases to existing customers.  Hard to find products, can be sourced with our specialized sourcing features to multiple manufactures and vendors, without time consuming and oftentimes dead-end cold calling by your purchasing department.

Pricing to use BMMP:

Buyers:  Site use is free with registration! (Applicable fees apply should you decide to advertise or post your items.)

Regular or Source posted items:

$5.00/posted item for 30 days and $25.00 for 5 months (with 6th month free).

Featured, Sale and Clearance Items:

$25.00/posted item for 30 days and $125.00 for 5 months (with 6th month free).



Marketing on our Site

The hardest part of either selling your products or services is to breaking into new markets and meeting the right contacts.  BMMP is designed for the purpose of buying/selling products and will put businesses and customers together with the right people.  Marketing on our site is user friendly, cost effective and specific to a target audience, depending on which method you choose to use.

We offer the following advertising opportunities:

Email Blasts:

$150.00 for your product exclusively listed or $25.00 to list your product with a group of other paid advertisers, emailing out to all members of the site.

Featured/Sale or Clearance items:

$25.00 per item and this will list your products on the featured products and featured banner section of the front page as well as a special colored tag identifier on your product picture representing the featured product reference.

New product launches:

$1,500.00 to $5,000.00 per month, using a combination of marketing methods.  Please call or email for details.

Advertising space:

excu_advert$400.00/week buys you the “Premium Advertisers” size advertisement space of 250 x 250 pixels above.  This advertising space is available on the right or left side of each page; space is limited and follows your posted product category so you are assured that your advertising dollar is maximized.  Example; if a customer clicks on a masonry product that is not yours, they will also see alternate side advertisement (Featured Advertising below) showing your product captioned “you also might like” based on your selection.  With this feature, you can place a picture of your product catalogue, a little about your company, or anything of your choice.





prem_advert$200.00/week buys you the “Featured Advertisers” size advertisement space of 125 x 125 pixels on the right or left side of each page and advertising space is limited to one of the four blocked pictures shown above and follows your posted product category so you are assured that your advertising dollar is maximized.  Example; if a customer clicks on a masonry product that is not yours, they will also see this advertisement (Featured Advertising) showing your product captioned “you also might like” based on your selection.  With this feature, you can place a picture of your product catalogue, a little about your company, or anything of your choice.






BMMP Customer Responsibility:

To advertise or source on the site, you must be an approved registered user, have products or services to offer, and be in good standing with all customers and BMMP.

All posts will be active for 30 days after which time you can renew the post. Non-renewal will pull the post off the site.  If an item sells and/or you no longer have stock of this item, you’re required to change the item or pull it off the site before the end of your posting period.  Please remember all customers and manufactures can rate you on your payment history, shipping times and product availability; this will be posted for everyone to review before they do business with your company.   All of these functions can be managed by you on your member site manager.  All transactions between Buyer and Seller are negotiated between those parties and are not the responsibility of BMMP.

Lastly, there are two freight quote options on the tool bar either for LTL or full truckload quantities.  This free service is yours to use to either ship or obtain freight quotes for your sales!    BMMP makes no money or kickbacks for this service; it is offered to assist you in obtaining your true item cost.